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What's afffresco?

Looking to the future with the experience of the past.

Affresco or Fresco (plural either frescos or frescoes) is any of several related mural painting types, executed on plaster on walls, ceilings or any other type of flat surface. The English word fresco comes from the Italian word Affresco [afˈfresːko] which derives from the Latin word for "fresh".
Frescoes first developed in the ancient world and continued to be popular through the Renaissance.
During this period, Italian painters such as Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Raphael and Michelangelo used this painting technique that resulted in their works lasting many hundreds of years such as are still seen and enjoyed by many on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome.

An innovative idea Made in Italy

The ancient Affresco technique involved a long complicated process that included painting onto wet (or “fresh”) plaster (better to say “lime”) so, the paints reacted chemically with the drying plaster.
This resulted in the painting then becoming part of the plaster and lasting many hundreds of years in contrast to the alternate oil paintings which were done on dry plaster or stone.
These paintings dried, cracked and flaked off often after only a very short time.

Afffresco system was born from the history of these Renaissance paintings, by the Italian company 3FI Ltd (that’s why the triple “f” in the Afffresco name), as a unique, patented system.
It is used to give us the opportunity to combine the modern art of digital photography and the ancient technique of Affresco. This enables us to permanently embed any digital image into almost any surface we choose, to be admired for a lifetime.

Decorate all surfaces without limits of application.

Afffresco system application is a simple procedure, although delicate. It requires careful application and installation by trained technicians.
The specialised water based eco-chemicals are responsible for drawing the paint pigments into the surface of any wall or structure from the release paper to join permanently with the structure of the surface material.
The finished picture can then neither rub, flake nor be scratched off. It becomes a permanent mural, or Affresco, to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our texture is a joined double layer made by an inner “tnt” component with an external “release paper” protection. It comes in rolls, ready to be printed by specialised digital plotters using eco-paints. The inner coating, with a fine high tech material, is able to temporarily receive and then permit migration of the pigments into the surfaces to be decorated. This migration is possible through the use of specially developed eco-chemicals.

We bring our excellence all around the world

This innovative product was born of a simple idea by two Italian engineers. Already in business since 1995, making innovative paper media for digital and laser printing, the idea was a challenge between them to develop a “release paper” to transfer a digital print permanently into any wall surface.

Afffresco began officially in 2005, limited to the Italian market and now we are present in several countries around the globe where we are directly (and exclusively) involved with more than 1.000.000sqm already applied.

Actually, we are proud to say that Afffresco can now enhance most of the surfaces such as: concrete, marble, stone, wall plaster, timber, glass etc. with exceptional results in terms of quality and durability.
Furthermore, we keep cooperating with different universities and chemical factories to continually develop new and improved eco-chemicals and methods for the best quality and eco-compatible result!

Frequently asked questions - F.A.Q.

What's Afffresco?
It’s a special roll paper made by an internal TNT side and an external “release paper”side, with medium absorption capacity that can release the colors in surface.

What about its size?
There’s no limit. Even if the ordinary paper size comes with a width of 120cm, 150cm or less, the “panelization” professional technique mades by more panels joined together, is the appropriate solution to obtain any size!

How does the Afffresco come out?
The Afffresco can be printed only with professional plotter, with special eco-inks that allow quality and durability.

How do you can apply it?
The Afffresco application is quite easy but sensitive. You need to carefully consider some technical items like the quality/kind of receiving surface, so to match it with our eco-chemical treatments. Also, strong attention is required during the Afffresco application to avoid any “air bubbles”, even for a perfect adhesion. Remembering that it can be removed with a new panting, only (and re-applied with a new Afffresco, if needed) and all our applicators around the world are trained and certified by us.

Can Afffresco applied on any surface?
We don’t use the glue so, any surface that can absorb the color is adaptable.

Is Afffresco an adhesive?
Definitely not! It’s a patented system that releases the colors on the surface used.

Are there any decoration size limits?
Definitely not! It just depends on the imagine resolution and on the best result if need to be enlarged.

Any imagine can be reproduced?
Of course! Any picture, pattern or, i.e. newspaper new, can be reproduced, havingalways on mind the resolution effects if to be enlarged. The only limit is the copyright. In this case, royalties need to be paid.

Is the painting toxic flammable or dangerous for human?
Definitely not! We only use eco-chemical water base products. Also, the surface alwayskeep its transpiration.

Can we use any colored surface to be decorated?
Of course, the best effect is on white surface. No limit to any other colored surface…just considering the sum of colors between the support and your image!

Do we need just a flat surface to be decorated?
Definitely not ! It could be even, what we called "orange skin" or a rough surface. The system permits to decor any wall surface.

Can Afffresco be used outdoor and how long does it hold?
Of course but, in this case, we need proper chemical products to protect it and its life depends on the protective itself.

Can Afffresco be affected by colors fading, UV, pollution or salinization?
Afffresco itself depends on the color printing inks. We use the "state of the art" today available that, without adding any protection remain intact up to six years. With the chemical protection applied, the result is drastically improved and our minimum warranty becomes ten years.

Once applied, is Afffresco washable with professional proper machine or water-jetting ?
The Afffresco (chemically protected) is totally garantee for these ordinary maintenence.

In case of a car accident, is Afffresco repairable and how long it take ?
Of course. Our IT department digitally stores all the jobs and if necessary, we replace the involved part vetically considered. It takes maximum 2 days (shipment excluded).

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